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'Dream ON: Unlocking the Power of Sleep for Inspiration, Mental Resilience, Victory, and Freedom from Crisis'

Dreams are a shared experience

We strive to unravel their meaning, excitedly recount them to loved ones, and often consult dream dictionaries for guidance. They possess the ability to both frighten and inspire us, transporting us to vivid realms while subtly offering valuable insights. Unfortunately, with the advancement of progress, dreams have lost their sacredness, and we have forgotten that they hold within them the blueprint for personal success, happiness, and abundance. There is no need to fear our dreams. Within the depths of our inner world’s dark recesses lie hidden treasures, waiting to be discovered. This book serves as the key to unlocking those treasures—a guide that will teach you how to understand your dreams, exert control over them, and manifest your deepest desires.
Why would one be afraid of dreams?

It is because dreams can come as terrifying nightmares, such as a three-legged dog with two heads that drives us into a corner, or being trapped in an endless dark labyrinth, filled with eerie breathing sounds of an unknown creature. We may see an empty coffin, surrounded by grieving and mourning relatives, and our mother crying over our photo with a black ribbon in the top corner. We can fall into an incomprehensible dark well, or be suddenly plunged into darkness. In some dreams, our teeth may fall out during an important meeting, scatter, and bite into our colleagues.
Dreams can be unsettling, as they often unearth our deepest fears. Nightmares can evoke visceral feelings of losing our loved ones or parents, and they can feature horrific visions of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and wars.
Timur Valeev, MA in Psychology, Author of the book: "Dream ON: Unlocking the Power of Sleep"
Timur Valeev
MA in Psychology, Author of the book:
"Dream ON: Unlocking the Power of Sleep"
In my younger days, I had recurrent dreams of a closet that held an unusual surprise. As I opened the doors, a large aquarium filled the entire wall space. Powerful lamps illuminated the tank with bright light, highlighting the rusted edges coated in white enamel. The compressor's deafening noise filled the room as it pumped oxygen and caused sharp, unpleasant sound. Peering through the murky greenish deposits covering the glass into the water below, I would notice small, faint air bubbles rising to the surface.
Many people fail to comprehend the nature of their dreams and try to eliminate them altogether by resorting to strong sedatives, alcohol, and sleep disruption. However, this tactic is akin to setting a time bomb within ourselves, which is loaded with incredible power. Sooner or later, this bomb will detonate without warning and result in grave consequences. These consequences can range from severe depression to nervous breakdowns and even life-threatening illnesses such as cancer.
Is there anything we can do to get rid of the nightmares? There are many methods to improve our lives by working with our dreams. This book offers a unique approach that combines theory, practice, and research to help readers understand the hidden meanings of their dreams. By interpreting our dreams, we can find solutions to complex problems, become happier, richer, and more successful, and learn to love and be loved. This book is your way to learn to decode the language of dreams and unlock the secrets to a more fulfilling life.

This book goes beyond mere theory and practice. It is a comprehensive compilation of scientific research gathered within one cover. After all, numerous answers to intricate questions lie concealed within our dreams.

By understanding and harnessing the power of our dreams, we can unlock the potential to lead happier, wealthier, and more successful lives.
Embark on this thrilling journey into the realm of dreams, where each dream presents an opportunity to transform your life. Prepare for awe-inspiring discoveries, boundless inspiration, and, of course, the pathway to fulfilling your deepest desires.

This book delves into the enigmatic realm of our personal dreams

Timur Valeev MA in Psychology, Author of the book: "Dream ON: Unlocking the Power of Sleep"
This book is a journey of exploration where we will work together to unravel the mysteries of dreams. Most importantly, we will discover how not to be afraid of them.

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